By-laws relating to the Conduct of the Canning Show Exhibition

PURSUANT to Clause 71 (1) and 71 (2) (d) of the Constitution of the Society, these By-laws shall prescribe the Rules and Regulations to apply to the conduct of the Canning Show.


AMATEUR/HOBBYIST – A person who engages in an activity or past time primarily for their own purposes, who does not conduct a business in the area or section of the field in which they are competing, and does not do it primarily to make a profit, and where the size and scale of their activities is less than businesses existing in their field of interest.

COMMITTEE – The Committee of Management elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

CEO – A non-elected Officer responsible for the management, supervision, and functioning of the Canning Show.

ENTRY– The information submitted that describes what you intend to exhibit at the Show.

EXHIBIT – The article that you submit to be exhibited and judged at the Canning Show Exhibition.

EXHIBITION – The feature of the Canning Show that directly refers to the competition between – and exhibition of – submitted exhibits.

EXHIBITOR – Person entering exhibits in the exhibition.

MEMBERS – The Members of the Society recorded in the Register of Members.

PROFESSIONAL – A person who declares themselves as a professional, intends to make a profit where the size or scale of their activity is consistent with other businesses in their industry, and the activity is carried out in a business-like manner.

SCHEDULE – The collection of information produced by the Society which describes the requirements for entries and exhibits at the Show, also referred to in full as the Canning Show Exhibition Schedule of Entries.

SHOW – The Canning Show.

SHOWGROUNDS – Cannington Exhibition Centre & Showgrounds; the premises of the Society located at the corner of Albany Highway and Station Street Cannington.

SHOW SECRETARY – The Officer/s appointed by the Society’s Committee of Management to carry out the duties the Show By-Laws prescribe(s), and other duties and responsibilities delegated by the CEO in respect to the conduct of the Show.

STEWARD – A person appointed by the Show Secretary to supervise a section or sections of the Exhibition during the running of the Show.

THE SOCIETY – Canning Agricultural, Horticultural & Recreational Society Incorporated (CAHRS).


2.1               Financial Members of the Society will be allowed admittance into the Canning Show free of charge, subject to the instructions and rules issued by the Society.


3.1                Entries and exhibits will be received subject to these By-Laws and the Regulations and ordinary rules of the Society.

3.2               A Show Secretary, after consultation with Stewards or Committee Members, may remove or refuse admission to the Showgrounds of any exhibit suspected of being dangerous or objectionable.

3.3               The Owner or Exhibitor of an entry subject to 3.2 must immediately remove their exhibit/stand of exhibits in a section/class specified in the Schedule.

3.4               Pertaining to By-Law 3.2, any exhibit removed or refused will be deemed ineligible and shall not be judged.

3.5               Entries will only be accepted when relevant information is provided with accuracy and honesty, and by the methods prescribed in the Schedule.

3.6               Exhibitors are responsible for the accuracy of the description and eligibility to exhibit in a Section or Class specified in the Schedule.

3.7               Only one entry may be submitted in each class by the same exhibitor unless stated otherwise in the Schedule.

3.8               Acceptance deadlines for entries and exhibits as they appear in the Schedule must be adhered to.

3.11              Fees may only be paid by the methods stated in the Schedule.

4.2               Youth exhibits must be genuinely and solely created, grown, or produced by the Youth Exhibitor except where assistance is reasonably required for the youth’s safety and only to the extent that is applicable to their age and capability.

4.3               Unless stated otherwise in the Schedule, Exhibition classes are open to amateurs/hobbyists only.

4.4               Exhibits having won a prize at a previous Canning Show may not be entered again.

4.5               Collaborative works shall be entered in the name of the creative entity. E.g. Smith family, Canning Vale Primary School etc.



5.1                The arrangement of exhibits in sections and classes are to be conducted only by the steward responsible for that class.


6.1                Exhibits can only be removed from display during the times advertised in the Schedule.

6.2                A Show Secretary must consent to any removal of exhibits outside of the times advertised in the Schedule.

6.3                Exhibitors or their agent must present their exhibitor tickets as proof of ownership when collecting exhibits after display.


7.1                Exhibitors will be liable for a penalty of $20.00 for each occurrence of any of the following:

  1. removing an official placard, ticket or ribbon affixed or posted by a Steward;
  2. affixing any other placard, ticket or ribbon other than directed by a Steward;
  3. refusing in any way to carry out instructions of a Steward.

7.2                The exhibits may be retained by the Society at its premises until an Exhibitor has paid their Penalty.


8.1                Only Stewards assisting Judges or Officials approved by a Show Secretary are permitted to be in the exhibition area during judging.

8.2                The Judge’s decision is final for awards on merit.

8.3                Exhibits shall not display any ribbon, badge, identifying mark, or name while being judged.

8.4                Judges can withhold awarding a prize if exhibits:

  1. are of an inferior description;
  2. are not suitable for the Section and Class.

8.5                Judges can award a second or third prize, instead of awarding a first prize.

8.6                Judges can award a prize on merit if it is considered that there is no competition in a class.

Judges may request an Exhibit Class be altered

8.7                An exhibit may be disqualified by a Judge if the exhibit does not comply with the general rules of the Class.

8.8               Champion Awards are selected from exhibits that have been awarded a first prize in specified classes.

8.9                Only one prize card will be issued for each prize won.


9.1                General prizemoney will be paid on the Saturday of the Show.

9.2                Prizemoney will only be paid to the Exhibitor or their Agent on presentation of an exhibitor’s ticket.

9.3                Prizemoney not collected by the deadline stated in the Schedule shall be forfeited to the Society by the Exhibitor.

9.4                Special prizes may be paid up to 28 days after the conclusion of the Show.

9.5                Prizemoney may be paid in cash or transferred to a nominated account via electronic means.

9.6               Prizemoney paid by bank cheque or Electronic transfer will be deemed as forfeited to the Society, if the cheque is not cashed within 6 months of date of issue or the payment is returned by the Bank.


10.1              All protests must be:

  1. made in writing to the Show Secretary, detailing the reason for the protest
  2. lodged no later than 4 hours before the end of the last day of the Show.
  3. accompanied with a $50 fee, as may be determined by the Committee of Management from time to time.

10.2              Protests shall be refused if Clauses 11.1 (a, b, and c) have not been met.

10.3              The Show Secretary shall adjudicate the protest in such a manner as they see fit, having regard to the interests of the protestor, all exhibitors and officials and the Exhibition itself.

10.4              Where the Show Secretary deems a protest to be unfounded or frivolous the fee shall be forfeited and paid into the funds of the Society.

10.5              If a protest is upheld, the exhibitor and/or exhibit may be disqualified and prizemoney forfeited to the Society.

10.6              If a protest is upheld the Show Secretary shall determine if class/es shall be rejudged.

10.7              All relevant parties shall be informed of the outcome in writing.


11.1              A Show Secretary may disqualify any Exhibitor from exhibiting at the Canning Show for such a period as it sees fit where:

  1. a Show Secretary is of the opinion there has been a breach of the By-Laws;
  2. the conduct of an Exhibitor is considered to be unfit to exhibit at the Show.

11.2              A person who has been disqualified from exhibiting at any Show of the Society shall not be allowed to act as agent, representative or servant of an exhibitor at any of the Society’s Shows.

11.3            The Show Secretary will not accept an entry from an exhibitor who has been disqualified from and exhibiting at the Show or any other Show by an affiliated Society.

11.4            Where an entry is accidentally accepted it shall be void and the fee will be returned.

11.5            A disqualified Exhibitor will be notified in writing by the Society.

11.6            Any Exhibitor disqualified from exhibiting at the Canning Show under these By-Laws or General Rules shall forfeit any prize awarded to them.

11.7            A disqualified Exhibitor may appeal to the Committee within 7 days of receiving notice of disqualification. The committee may uphold or dismiss the appeal.


12.1            All Reasonable care will be taken to protect the property of the Exhibitor.

12.2            The Society will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred by an Exhibitor.

12.3            Exhibitors will not be insured at the cost of the Society.

12.4            The Society will not be liable for any damage to any Exhibits and it is a condition of entry that each Exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnified against any legal proceedings.


13.1            A Show Secretary reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor, attendant, worker or visitor from the Showgrounds without giving any explanation or being liable for compensation.

13.2            No entertainment shall be allowed on the Showgrounds without consent of the Committee of Management or its delegated Officer.

13.3            No auction or sale of exhibits will be permitted during the Show or on the showgrounds without the consent the CEO.

13.4            Only assistance dogs shall be allowed on the Showgrounds unless permission is granted by the Society.

13.5            The Committee has the right to postpone the Show from the advertised date, and make all alterations it considers desirable or necessary in the Schedule, to Prizes and for other Show arrangements.




The information provided by the Exhibitor in the Application for Entry is collected and used by the Canning Agricultural, Horticultural & Recreational Society Inc (CAHRS) to organise and conduct Competitions at the Canning Show. We may publish details such as your Name, Address and Exhibit details in any CAHRS publication or communication. Such information may also be made available to, and published by, the media. We will not disclose your information without your consent for any other purpose unless required or authorised by law. You may request access to your personal information and, if necessary, request that our records of that information be corrected by writing to the CEO at the Canning Agricultural, Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc, PO Box 331, Cannington WA 6987.