Providing a creative wonderland with community heart, the Canning Show is excited to launch one of WA’s biggest, longest-running community-showcasing exhibitions. With online entries, anyone can have a go at igniting their creativity, practising new skills, or showcasing their talents, whilst potentially being rewarded in $13,500+ in cash prizes on offer, as well as awards, sashes, exclusive free invites to the Exhibition Awards gala dinner, and more.

Whilst you can still enter with printed forms and a full-colour schedule available from our office soon, we encourage both regular and brand-new Exhibition entrants to use the fully automated ShowDay platform that makes it easy to enter, pay, receive reminders, and track your Show entries and results online. Plus, you can add other people’s entries at the same time you do yours – the perfect enticer for some healthy family fun or friends-ly competition!


How to Place Canning Show Exhibition Entries Via Showday

1 –
Create a new account
Login to your account if have entered before – If you have forgotten your password from 2020, please contact ShowDay to get your account transferred over to ShowDay’s new website


3 – Click on PLACE AN ENTRY


5 – In Exhibit Name select your Entrant from the drop-down or click on ADD NEW to add a new entrant to your account. If clicking Add New please…

  • Fill out your Entrant’s name.
  • Realise that other fields are optional – you do not need to fill out anything other than the first & last name – only fill out what you want!
  • Add your bank account details if you would like the option to be paid out via automatic bank transfer if your Exhibits win prizes.

6 – In EXHIBIT TYPE select INDOOR / DISPLAY (your exhibits will be displayed inside)


8 – From the drop-down choose the Section you would like to enter

9 – On the pop-up tick the box to accept the entry notes for this section

10 – Click the PLUS symbol beside the section you are entering to expand to the classes

11 – Click on the class or classes you are entering to select them

12 – Most classes only allow 1 entry.  If a class says otherwise and allows multiple entries then you can increase the QTY counter to reflect the number of exhibits you would like to enter. Please read the rules specific to that section.

13 – Fill out the items name in the Exhibition Name box if applicable eg painting name

14 – Fill in any additional information the show may require for this entry if asked

15 – Once all classes have been selected

15a – Click on ADD ANOTHER ENTRY if you need to place more entries for this show and repeat this process

15b – Click on FINISHED ADDING CLASSES if you do not need to place any more entries for this show

16 – On the next screen select any extra items you need that are available.

17 – Click on FINISHED ADDING EXTRAS  once done

18 – Purchase Membership if required or Pay your membership invoice if showing

19 – Click on FINISHED MEMBERSHIP  once done

20 – Tick the box to agree to our website T&C’s

21 – Click on the payment type and enter any payment details as required

22 – Click on PAY NOW

23 – You will now be emailed an acknowledgment of your entries. Please check your Junk / Spam folder if this email is not in your inbox.


Get ready to prepare your Exhibit for the Canning Show!

We will email you more info RE: exhibit drop-off times etc closer to the Show.