Volunteer & Intern Opportunities Open

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Canning Show, with approximately 100 amazing people volunteering to help power the Show each year.

CAHRS & Cannington Exhibition Centre are likewise powered by volunteers looking to gain invaluable experience and CV-building skills development.

Be a part of helping shape one of the best community events of the year, gaining free entry, life-changing experience, increased sense of community, a philanthropic glow and other benefits, or take up a longer-term opportunity to set up your future career.


We are offering a range of roles to be filled by amazing humans looking to work with an experienced team in a leading NFP organisation committed to enriching the community!


We’re looking for students, graduates or people with some experience in relevant areas who are looking to gain invaluable learning and CV-building experiences. Whilst working across Cannington Exhibition Centre and CAHRS’s 450+ diverse range of events, you would primarily focus on the Canning Show.
Opportunities are detailed in the link below, but the positions offered are in:
💥 Marketing / Communications
💥 Events Management
💥 Administration
💥 Photography / Videography


Only have a few hours or a day to spare? Canning Show was powered by over 1,000 hours from an army of amazing volunteers last year. We’re now looking for people to join the team and volunteer during and/or just before Canning Show (Fri 4 & Sat 5 Nov). Perks include free tickets, food, badges, and more – plus fun and new friends!
Roles include:
💥 Exhibition Stewards
💥 Roving Entertainment Stars
💥 Roving Entertainment Stars
💥 Social Media Assistants
💥 Photographers & Videographers
💥 Logistics & Ground Staff
💥 Office Assistant Admins
💥 Parking Assistants
💥 Production/Backstage Assistants


So you know what to expect…

Welcome to Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc. Our volunteers are important to us and we value your contribution.

Volunteers have been involved with our organization since it began and have been pivotal in the success of Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc.

Your time is appreciated and we encourage you to discuss any ideas or concerns you have with us.

This manual serves as a guide; it contains useful information that will assist you in your role at Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc. The content is based on best practice, however should you require further explanation please discuss with a member of staff or Committee.

We hope you will enjoy your time with us; we aim to make your experience fun and will invite you to regular social occasions, our workplace offers you flexible volunteer hours and a volunteer role that you will find enjoyable.

Thank you for joining us.

Volunteer Rights, Responsibilities and Principles

As a volunteer you have the right:

  • to work in a healthy and safe environment
  • to be interviewed and engaged in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation
  • to be adequately covered by insurance
  • to be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation for which you are working
  • to be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses
  • to be given a copy of the organisations volunteer policy and any other policy that affects your work
  • not to fill a position previously held by a paid worker
  • not to do the work of paid staff during industrial disputes
  • to have a job description and agreed working hours
  • to have access to a grievance procedure
  • to be provided with orientation to the organisation
  • to have your confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988; and
  • to be provided with sufficient training to do your job

Principles of Volunteering:

  • Volunteering benefits the community and the volunteer
  • Volunteer work is unpaid
  • Volunteering is always a matter of choice
  • Volunteering is not compulsorily undertaken to receive pensions or government allowances
  • Volunteering is a legitimate way in which citizens can participate in the activities of their community
  • Volunteering is a vehicle for individuals or groups to address human, environmental and social needs
  • Volunteering is an activity performed in the not for profit sector
  • Volunteering is not a substitute for paid work
  • Volunteers do not replace paid workers nor constitute a threat to the job security of paid workers
  • Volunteering respects the rights, dignity and culture of others; and
  • Volunteering promotes human rights and equality

Source acknowledgment: VOLUNTEERING AUSTRALIA


Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc believes that volunteer staff should be appointed on suitability, taking into account factors such as the applicant’s qualifications and experience appropriate to the volunteer position; their skills, knowledge and abilities; their potential; and their overall suitability for the position and the organisation.

We will not permit discrimination against volunteers on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic background or ethnicity. This applies to all areas of volunteer employment.

Police Clearance and Working with Children Check

A Police Clearance may be required in some instances to enable volunteers to carry out specific duties with Canning Agricultural, Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc. In some circumstances, a volunteer may also be required to have a Working with Children Check.

Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc will advise volunteers of the procedures required to apply for the identified clearance/s and will meet the normal costs associated with obtaining the required clearance/s.

Induction of New Volunteers

Show Volunteers must report to the Volunteer Coordinator on arrival.  They will be issued with an ID badge and given an induction.  During this session the emergency procedures will be explained and the volunteer taken on a guided tour of the premises showing them the kitchen, the toilets and the fire extinguishers. Volunteers will also be introduced to other staff including the fire warden and first aid officers. A volunteer’s policy and procedure manual will be provided to you.

Hours of Duty

We offer a flexible working environment for volunteers and endeavours to accommodate volunteer requirements.  During the Canning Show our hours of work start from 6.30am until midnight.  .

Roster are based on a 2 hour minimum.  Meals and drinks are provided for workers on long shifts.

Dress Code

Volunteers are required to demonstrate a neat and responsible standard of dress. There may be occasions when a CAHRS logo corporate shirt or Canning Show shirts are required to be worn, for example when attending events.

Name badges are provided.

Management reserves the right to raise the issue of dress with individual volunteers when considered necessary.

Keys and Fobs

For security reasons volunteers are not able to have access to individual keys. Access to the buildings is to be gained through CAHRS staff.

Working Alone

When alone in the office or halls a volunteer should, to ensure their own safety, lock the front and back doors and park their vehicle in a well-lit, easily accessible place.  Under no circumstance should a person unknown to the volunteer be admitted into the premises.


We recognise that all volunteer staff have the right to be protected from financial costs in the event of personal injury and liability.

All volunteers will be appropriately covered by the insurance policies of Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc for the following types of liability:

Presentations and Gifts 

It can be expected that volunteers will receive presentations and gifts in recognition of services provided by Canning Agricultural, Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc and in particular its volunteers and or staff.

The CEO must be advised when this occurs and a decision will be determined with regard to the future of the presentation or gift.

Show Stewards, judges, volunteers and any person directly involved in the outcome of competition may not accept gifts or hospitality from any exhibitor or their agent. 


Termination by Volunteer

Should a volunteer wish to resign from their role they are requested to give the staff as much notice as possible.The volunteer will be reimbursed for outstanding payments.Property of CAHRS must be returned.

Termination by Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc: Misconduct

Misconduct will include breaches of any Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc policies which warrant instant dismissal.

Examples of misconduct include:

Theft of property or funds from Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc

Willful damage to Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc’s property

Intoxication through alcohol or other prohibited substance

Verbal or physical harassment of any other employee, volunteer, Board Member or any other person particularly in respect of race, sex or religion

Disclosure of confidential information regarding Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc to any other party without prior permission from the President. 

Falsification of any of Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc’s records for personal gain or on behalf of any other person.

Being convicted of a criminal offence

Unwillingness or inability to support and further the mission of the organisation and/or the objectives of the programme.

Grievance Resolution

Grievance Policy

A grievance is a real or perceived cause for complaint. You may have a grievance about how you have been treated by another volunteer or staff member.

All complaints and questions will receive thoughtful consideration in a timely manner and will be discussed with the individual who raises them. Discussions held are confidential.


Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc will not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying in the work place or any other venue from which its programs are being delivered.  Any volunteer who is found to have acted in such a manner may be required to undertake counselling or may have their voluntary role terminated.

Telephone, Internet and Email Access

The primary purpose for access to the internet and email is to assist Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc volunteers carry out their duties of employment.

Unacceptable Use

A volunteer may not use the internet or email (including internal email access) provided by Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc to:

  • Create or exchange messages that are discriminatory, offensive, harassing, bullying, obscene or threatening
  • Knowingly visit websites containing illegal, objectionable (including pornographic), or criminal material
  • Exchange any confidential or sensitive information held by Canning Agricultural Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc (unless in the authorised course of their duties)
  • Create, store or exchange information in violation of copyright laws (including the uploading or downloading of commercial software, games, music or movies)
  • Use internet-enabling activities such as gambling, gaming, conducting a business or conducting illegal activities.
  • Create or exchange advertisements, solicitations, chain letters and other unsolicited or bulk email
  • Play games during work time
  • Organise private business, travel or social arrangements during work time.